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The Oilsands Education Dialogue is part of GreenLearning Learning Canada’s suite of rich educational programming for students in grades 4 and up. The GreenLearning Canada Foundation, a national charitable organization, provides engaging web-based teaching tools for our evolving world. Developed by teachers for teachers, our powerful resources are easy to use and always free. For more information, please visit:

The OSED Advisory Board

An advisory committee of diverse individuals was assembled to ensure that every aspect of the Oil Ssands Education Dialogue program is unbalanced and representative of the multiple stakeholders involved in this complex issue. Each member of the advisory committee provided input and feedback during the development stage. Our team of unbiased professional educators made the final content decisions. We would like to thank the following individuals for their participation in the advisory committee:

Nathan Lemphers , PhD Student in Political Science (Climate and Energy Politics) at the University of Toronto; former Senior Oilsands Policy Analyst, Pembina Institute.

Christine Kelly, Canadian Wildlife Federation

Joanne Barwise, Environmental Education Specialist, Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

John M R Stone, Carleton University and Pembina Institute

Adam Young, Sustainability & Education Policy Network, University of Saskatchewan

Peter MacConnachie, Suncor Energy Foundation

The OSED Sponsors
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